Killer Dog

Thank you to Rachel Wilson for this hilarious first prompt! If you have any prompts or challenges for me to write, please message me on social media and let me know! Hope everyone enjoys!

Prompt: Story about me and my dog with a plot twist of her plotting to kill me. You have 11 minutes

“Something just isn’t right.” I could hear my captor from the other room.

     “Rachel, honey, she’s a dog what could she possibly do?” The older woman scoffed, “I mean really she’s what, ten pounds?”

     Yeah, stupid woman, I maybe ten pounds but that sure as hell is not going to stop me from killing you. “Oh no,” I jumped as she came into the room.

     She yanked me from the bed abruptly, “What’s wrong, huh?” All I could do was cringe.

     Jumping from her lap, I ran under the bed to where she couldn’t reach me. Hoping that she would get the hint. But, of course, she didn’t. “Why are you being like that?” I could see her eyes peeking at me. 

     ‘Now! Do it, now!’ I thought as I looked over to the bone I had been sharpening for the last month. ‘Finish her off!’

     “Did you?” Scooter’s body was shaking from the wagging of his tail.

      Barkley rolled his eyes. “No, of course she didn’t! How do you think she got here?”

     “I wish I had.”

     “Wishing and doing are two different things.”

     “Oh c’mon, there has to be more! You had to bite her at least!” Scooter begged. “Oh, please tell us!”

     “There isn’t more,” I frowned. “She yanked me from under the bed before I could jab the bone into her.”

     “Do you think you’ll really do it, though?” Barkley’s eyes were squinted.


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