People teach of this idea called perfect, and nothing else is good enough

Every person claiming it to be all these desirable elements

Right or wrong, perfect to you could be anything

For what is perfect to you is not to me, we’re different

Even if the package is sent and wrapped with a bow

Chintzy but loved, and it still wasn’t good enough

To you perfect is a lot more about social confliction

But to me it is so simple and clear

Perfect was taught to me as a flaw, waiting to be loved in the darkness of the world

Exhuming my emotions out on the table in front of you so you could see

Realizing that I fell in love with that about you, the closed off walls

For what it’s worth I thought you were perfect, too, at least I did

Even if the package was sent and wrapped with a bow

Cryptic and hateful, you were never good enough

To me perfect is a lot more about how you act

But to you it is so complicated and perplexed.

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