Plenty Of Fish

If you asked me then where I would be, I would’ve said alone.

Dragging my feet along the cold earth to every destination,

reaching for a hand, but not finding one.

If you asked me then where I would be, I know I would’ve said alone.

Because that is how I though it was going to be.

But here I am, every morning waking up to a face I love more and more. Because somehow fate brought us back to the same path.

If you asked me then where I would be, I wouldn’t have said here.

Because that’s what I thought I deserved, to come home to an empty house in an empty place.

You changed that, though. You made me see the world in different colors, each day more vibrant than the last. You made me see thunderstorms, although still scary, as things that do pass. But most importantly, you me see the better side of things. The world spinning and new days beginning, even if the last one was pretty bad.

Because next you I feel complete.

But if you asked me then, I would’ve said their are plenty of fish in the sea and not one for me.

Luckily though, my line was strong. But not as strong as you. You whisked me off my feet  and into a life I could have never dreamed would come true. And now out of all the fish I have the best one: you.

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